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As you can see from the above pictures not every 10.25" unit is the same. 

For a quick comparison, scroll to the bottom for the Cons chart.

ebay unit:

This unit is sold as Android 9 (sometimes 10) 1280x480 (if listed at all) 4+64Gb 8 core processor.

What we found: Android 9, 1280x480 TFT panel display, 1.2Ghz 8 core processor, control box is so tightly compacted into the metal housing with no airflowthat this unit will suffer from extreme overheating in prolonged use, the processor is under powered and the PCB's are inefficient and therefore consume more power than they need to. In addition to this they use aluminium wiring which has increased resistance over copper, has several issues with CANBUS where the files loaded onto the unit are incorrect and as they draw power from the CAN connector by the glove box a simple action of unlocking the car puts this unit into standby mode so it consumes power when not in use.

Running the unit we found it to be sluggish, prone to crashing under heavy tasks and the screen to be too reflective when in use.

other retailers unit:

This unit is sold as Android 10, 1920x720 IPS, 4+64Gb 8 core processor.

What we found: Android 10, 1920x720 IPS screen, 4+64Gb 1.6Ghz overclocked processor (1.4Ghz standard operation) this is the reason for the oversized heat exchange that has so much thermal compound on that it had leaked over the edges slightly. With the processor already being overclocked it creates a problem when the unit is asked to run multiple processor dependant programmes and will suffer crashing. multiple boards stacked one on top of another, wiring for the MMI controls is separate from the screen cabling which makes it extremely difficult to connect once the face plates are fitted (this is the only way to connect them) USB wiring is also independent and again the same problem arises. Aluminium wiring, connects to the CAN connector so, again, even unlocking the car will put this unit in standby mode so it consumes power when not in use. OEM Screen cable is stretched to meet the screen putting undue stress on the internal wiring. The main wiring for the unit is cut approx 1" (2.5cm) shorter than it should which, again, frustrates the installation and puts undue stress on wiring which is prone to failure. With a total of 6, yes 6, wires running from behind the trim to the screen, there is excessive cabling which makes the screen difficult to get seated correctly onto the frame.

Running the unit we found upon first install the MMI buttons did not function and therefore a "update file" was needed from the supplier (despite ordering the correct version for our vehicle) this was a total of 2 update files as the first didn't work. The vehicle could not be changed to RHD so the wrong door displayed open on the screen. The aftermarket reverse camera cuts out when turning in reverse as there is no option for standard reverse camera only 360 cameras. After 3 minutes of the car being locked the MMI buttons flash indicating a fault because the unit is still drawing power from the CANBUS system when the car knows it shouldn't be due to the way it is wired. Zjinova app is delayed by approx 2 seconds when skipping songs, DSP built into the unit lacks depth and control that a DSP should provide. The plus side we found, the dashboard display was nice as it shown how many litres were in the tank (although it was off by 6 litres) and was nice and clean interface, fast boot up times (only as it enters standby when unlocking the car) the car would under certain instances throw MMI faults if you were skipping in-between google maps on the unit and into the radio to change station.

PDR Unit:

Android 10, 1920x720 IPS, 4+64Gb, 2.2Ghz 8 core ARM Processor.

What we found: Android 10, 1920x720 IPS screen, 4+64Gb 2.2Ghz 8 core processor. With its board designed to populate every piece of space as efficiently as possible, we have made the multilayered PCB as efficient as possible. With all the LVDS decoding, MMI decoding and USB connections all concentrated on the main PCB in the screen, 2.2Ghz ARM processor (self clocks to 2.6Ghz when required) the units connect to the AC panel and the quad-lock connector which means the unit is only powered when the radio system is powered which helps prevent unnecessary battery consumption as seen with the other units. All cabling is designed so that it is the perfect length to fit where it is needed and make connection a breeze (we designed these on vehicles not in a factory for this reason)

Running the unit, we may be biased in this as it is our unit but as it has been designed, tried and tested on a vehicle to ensure its, better specification internal hardware and the CANBUS self calibration built into the unit makes it work right out of the box. having a slightly longer initial boot time (approx 20seconds) but the aftermarket reverse camera is ready to use within 5 seconds of turning the key. The reverse camera works as it has OEM, Aftermarket or 360 cameras as options. Youcan re-calibrate the touch screen points should, for any reason the touchscreen be out of sync with where you touch. The built in wireless apple carplay & wired android auto app, works as intended, the DSP which is 1Ghz offers better options in terms of overall control for the sound.

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